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Professional, Thorough Cleaning Services You Can Depend On

Cleaning Services Menomonee Falls, Cleaning Services Milwaukee and Cleaning Services WaukeshaYou may not time with your busy life and schedule to clean effectively, especially with work, school, kids, family, events, and other chores in the household—not to mention distractions and interruptions throughout your daily life. The Maids of Milwaukee offers cleaning services that can help you with your housekeeping needs, while providing thorough, detailed results that other companies won't do.

Our unique 22-Step Healthy Touch Deep Cleaning System gets every crack and crevice cleaned, as well as hidden areas and high traffic zones. You get more than just basic cleaning. You get cleaning to the highest detail in every room and an affordable rate too!

Our housekeeping services provide:

  • Detailed cleaning of all rooms, including furniture, carpets, cabinets, fixtures, and more
  • Detailed hardwood, tile, and laminate floor cleaning and sanitizing
  • Sanitized bathroom and kitchen tubs, faucets, showers, sinks, and countertops
  • Cleaning and sanitizing of handles and door knobs
  • Safe cleaning of all cabinet doors
  • Cleaning of all molding and trim
  • Detailed cleaning of your microwave—inside and out
  • Removal of all cobwebs
  • And much more!

In addition, you receive other benefits for your Milwaukee home, including:

  • Our use of cleaning tools and supplies that are environmentally-friendly and safer for your home
  • Detailed cleaning of gaps, cracks, and crevices of every room
  • Detailed cleaning of hidden areas like behind dressers, cabinets, or shelving and in closets, corners, etc.
  • Detailed cleaning of every step on the stairway
  • Hands and knees cleaning of hardwood, tile, and laminate floors
  • Wall decor cleaning and dusting (pictures, decorations, clocks, shelves, etc.)
  • Detailed cleaning of tile grout
  • Dirty laundry gathering and placement in the washing machine
  • Dirty dishes gathering and placement into the dishwasher
  • Clean fresh linens placed on every bed
  • And many more added benefits


Enjoy a Safer, Healthier Home Environment

The Maids of Milwaukee not only focuses on a healthy home through sanitation, but also on air quality for you and your family. You gain a healthier environment through our use of HEPA filtration backpack vacuums. These prevent dust and allergens from shuffling back into the air. In addition, we use moist rags for dusting, not dusters that also shuffle debris, dust, and allergens.

Because our cleaning services only allow the use of environmentally friendly tools and supplies, you also gain a safer home. No need to worry about dangerous chemicals with high toxicity/volatility waiting to evaporate or sitting around during the cleaning process. You will feel safe allowing the family to touch those cleaned surfaces and breathe the air too, as well as not worry about someone touching a highly dangerous cleaning bottle.


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